Free First Consultation 

Because not everyone will feel comfortable to work with everyone, I offer a short informal meet up before you commit to beginning your counselling sessions with me. This is not a counselling session and would last no more than 20 minutes and can be conducted in person, online or over the phone.

Individual Support

Meeting with a Person Centred Counsellor you can be sure that you will be treated as the unique individual that you are. As part of our first counselling session together we will contract together and set boundaries and expectations that we can both be comfortable with.

Sessions run for 50 minutes and it's recommended that we meet once per week.

Phone & email Support

While face to face support is always the preferred and more effective way of meeting I understand that this is not always possible. Under special circumstances that we would explore during the first session, provision could be made for online or phone support.

Tailored Corporate in-house Packages

People spend a huge portion of their lives in the work place and work related stress and other issues are an enormous factor in worker moral and workplace productivity. Where employers wish to meet the needs of their employees I can offer in-house counselling to support those who are struggling and help create a more constructive and supportive environment.

As a Counsellor I will not

Share your information

Everything we discuss is strictly confidential. The only time that anything would be disclosed to a third party is when there is risk of harm to you or another individual. Even in these circumstances only the information that related to the risk would be shared.

Make decisions for you 

As your counsellor my role is support you to work through your own process rather than simply dispense advice. In this way you are enabled to learn and grow in a way that will continue to support your development long after you finish your counselling sessions. 

Dispense Medical Advice

As a counsellor and Psychotherapist I am not a medical professional. While I am confident in the effectiveness of talking therapies I would never encourage any client to go against medical advice where medication has been prescribed. If you have concerns over any existing medical advice I would support you to identify those concerns and raise them with the relevant medical professional.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

I fully acknowledge and accept that as a human being I have my own set of life experiences that inform my own values and beliefs. By remaining aware of this I can more fully meet you as my client without any judgement creeping into the therapeutic relationship. Maintaining empathy and an unconditional positive regard is of paramount importance in creating the conditions which are necessary for positive change to occur.  

Matthew Sneddon

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

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